MediaTek MT6572 dual-core processor was adopted by some time ago the majority of mobile solution providers, Informed sources said MT6572 began mass production, in addition to the dual-core MT6572, quad-core chip MT6582 coming soon, there is no quad-core version of the specific informantion of MT6582 chip, but to guess from the naming of the quad-core chip may be rumors it is MT6572 quad core version .

    Description of MT6572

    MTK MT6572, MediaTek a low-power highly integrated single-chip phone processor, the chip based on Cortex-A7 architecture, using the 28-nanometer process, a single core’s main frequency for 1.xGHz ,it also has built-in sMali-400MP graphics processor , support for TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and EDGE 2.75G network, integrated 4-in-1 wireless chip, in addition to it has been listed dual-core, quad-core chip, MT6572 also has a product line speed and price advantages, it is learned the old customers wll be launched MTK6572 products, but also equipped with MT6572 chip the end product will be officially listed in May.

    T-SMART D28X/D26X

    T-Smart Sunspan communication in the field of TD roots in the many years of good cooperation with China Mobile and other operators, In this year’s upcoming new machine, Sunspan D28X/D26X days and D18/D96X, several new machines will be using MTK6572 program ,the listing of these models has been formed, will soon be listed.

    Sunspan D28X/D26X

    Days step D28X/D26X, two machine have same appearance, body size is 132 * 68 * 10.5 mm, which is equipped with mtk6572 dual-core processor ,main frequency for 1GHz, the screen size is 4.5 inches with a pixel 500 million camera, running Android 4.2 version of the system. Another standard capacity of 1600 mAh battery, built-in commonly used sensor. The D28X/D26X both different support network standard, the D28X will provide China Mobile’s customized, can support TD-SCDMA network, the D26X isUnicom version.

    T-SMART D18/D96X

    In Addition to to D28X/D26X, there are new D18/D96X machine will also be powered by MTK6572 dual-core processor, and the top models differ, D18/D96X also supported network, D18 is mobile version, D96X is Unicom version, in addition to the D18 will run Android 4.2 system, equipped with a 200 million pixel camera, while the the D96X using system version 4.1, the camera pixel is 300 million,more higher. D18/D96X body style is more upright, while the color is much richer, the machine size is 126 * 64 * 10.9. android phones for sale is also wonderful.

    Both hardware parameters is also consistent with a 4-inch screen, the battery capacity of 1500 mAh, supports common sensors.

    MT6572-oriented  below $200 the mobile terminal products, MTK6572 phone sells worth the wait, several new machines Sunspan low hardware specifications, perhaps close to the people will have the same price. In May ,there will be a large number of MTK6572 dual-core processor cheap unlocked cell phones available, the choice available to users more and more, and we look forward to the MT6572′s performance.

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